The mission of Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) is to develop well rounded young adults like America’s founding Renaissance man, Benjamin Franklin: well read, scientifically curious, and civically engaged. This is supported by the BFA vision, which states:

Our students will excel academically through a challenging, sequenced curriculum that emphasizes math, science, and literacy. We will be a data driven institution, focusing on individual students. Our students, teachers, parents, staff, and leaders will be held accountable for the success of our school. Finally, we recognize that an education is incomplete without fostering the arts, sports, nature, and character.

Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) provides a rigorous educational program that challenges each student at his/her own level.  The Core Knowledge Sequence – with an emphasis on math, science and literacy – combined with programming for music, art, physical education and character education constitute the backbone of BFA’s academic program.

Of course, BFA’s academic program fully aligns with the Colorado Academic Standards.

BFA offers a Core Knowledge based curriculum that is individually focused, academically excellent and balanced. BFA emphasizes mathematics, science and literacy. Additionally, BFA’s character programming is based on Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues. BFA is a partnership of students, families, educators and community members that want another choice in education.

BFA focuses on individual students. Students are organized into ability groups that challenge them at individual levels. These groups cross grade levels by subject matter. Regular assessment provides meaningful measures to adjust student placement within groups and the content taught within each group. Moreover, students develop an understanding of educational principles and acquire knowledge in a variety of ways. Thus, BFA delivers its curriculum using a differentiated instructional approach making learning accessible to every student. BFA also engages students in learning by providing instruction that is interesting, valuable, authentic and fulfilling. Finally, BFA teaches and lets test scores follow. Instruction is focused on the curricula that provide students the knowledge to excel on standardized tests.

Students achieve academic excellence through a challenging, sequenced curriculum bolstered by strong math, science and literacy curricula.

At BFA, students receive science instruction every day. This science instruction is provided in conjunction with the Core Knowledge based curriculum. Students also participate in regular project-based science activities, such as BFA’s annual STEM Expo, science fairs series and science-based field trips allowing students to apply what they have learned in a hands-on environment.

BFA provides a balanced educational experience through the arts, physical activity and a character education program. Studies have shown that creative and physically active children perform better academically. Educational opportunities are available in the arts, fitness and music. Moreover, the students’ homework levels will be assessed and moderated by grade level.

As part of BFA’s balanced approach, BFA builds character in its students. An education will never be complete if students don’t learn moral norms of society. As part of this effort, students will learn about Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues and discover how these can be applied to their lives. Character development also offers educators techniques to build self-esteem, resolve conflicts, appreciate and respect diversity, manage aggressive behaviors and promote integrity.

BFA is committed to creating a collaborative learning environment for its teachers. Opportunities exist for school staff to learn from each other and to learn from other educational professionals. Student needs are constantly changing; therefore, BFA provides teachers with professional development opportunities to learn new, innovative and research-based instructional strategies that will ensure high academic achievement for all students.

BFA further believes the success of its program is critically dependent on the involvement of the parent community. Parental support is highly encouraged. BFA ensures that parents feel welcome at their child’s school and have a unique opportunity for hands-on involvement in the structure and operation of the school. Moreover, parental involvement will be meaningful. Parents will be trained to maximize their efforts.