Math and Science

Emphasis on Math

Saxon Math (Saxon) is implemented as Ben Franklin Academy’s (BFA) primary mathematics program in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Saxon’s innovative, instructional approach breaks complex concepts into simpler increments, recognizing that smaller pieces of information are easier to learn and teach.  It involves teaching a new mathematical concept and constantly reviewing old concepts.  The program teaches math concepts in a spiraling fashion such that lessons build upward and outward.  Research shows that the Saxon approach has produced significantly higher levels of student learning than those found in programs with a chapter-based approach.

Emphasis on Science

BFA utilizes a hands-on science curriculum in addition to the Core Knowledge Sequence tha will actively engages its students in a broad science program through the implementation of the Core Knowledge science sequence, supplemented by Pearson Scott Foresman Science (grades K-5) and Prentice Hall Science Explorer (grades 6-8).

Science is taught daily at BFA.  BFA also reinforces the topics of study through the annual STEM Expo, the science fair series and fieldtrips.  In the 21st century, a proper foundation in the sciences is critical to understand the advances happening around us.