Apple Award Nomination Window Open

Who has the best teachers in the Douglas County School District? The answer is easy–Ben Franklin Academy does! BFA’s teachers and staff are highly dedicated individuals who go above and beyond every day to make sure our kids are educated in a safe and caring environment where they feel comfortable and confident to take chances. Teachers have established high expectations for all students and provide all the tools necessary for the students to accomplish those expectations. 

If you would like to formally recognize a BFA teacher or staff member, consider nominating them for the DCEF Apple Awards.

The Apple Awards were created in 2006 to provide the opportunity to recognize and celebrate excellent, innovative teachers, administrators and support staff. Nominations for the Apple Awards can be submitted online by staff, students, parents and members of the community. You may nominate more than one person; and nominations must be made using the online form. This year, the DCEF would like to know how your nominee advances the District’s Strategic Plan. The nomination window is open now, and goes through Jan. 13, 2017.

Nominations can be made by going to the DCSD website. 


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