Make a Difference, Serve on the PTO

Are you interested in helping BFA while connecting with other parents who are passionate about our school? If so, we hope you’ll consider becoming a member of the PTO team! When you join the PTO, you make a real, meaningful difference at BFA and build lasting friendships with other BFA parents.

The PTO is an integral part of Ben Franklin Academy. Since it began serving BFA, the PTO has raised funds to provide all sorts of items needed by the school, including playground equipment, library books, a climbing wall as well as tools and resources needed by the teachers, staff and administration. We also organize social events to bring together the entire BFA community.

This year, there are several Officer and Committee Chair positions up for election by the school community, and many Committee Manager positions that are selected by the PTO Board. If you are interested in becoming a PTO Executive Officer, Committee Chair, or Committee Manager, please email the following information to the PTO co-secretaries by April 2, 2018. (For all elected positions, the information provided will be posted on the election ballot.)

  1. Your Name
  2. Number of children enrolled at BFA
  3. Grade of each child
  4. How long your family has been at BFA
  5. How many PTO Meetings you have attended in 2018-19
  6. Why are you interested serving on the BFA PTO?
  7. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?
  8. Is there any other information you would like to share?

Please see below for the list of open positions. If you’d like more information on the role of each position, please visit our PTO page on the BFA website and look under ‘important forms,’ or contact Mollie Anderson, PTO president.

If you are elected for multiple officer/committee manager positions, you may only serve in one position.   

Officer Positions Up for Election in 2018:

The offices of vice-president, secretary, social coordinator, and fundraising coordinator are up for election this April for the 2018-20 school years by the school community. These positions are voting members of the PTO Executive Board, and are two-year terms. They cannot be served more than two consecutive years in a row. All of these officer positions may be shared by two individuals. Executive Officers and their families may not be employees of Ben Franklin Academy.

Committee Chair Positions up for Election:

Committee Chairs are elected by the school community each year, and are non-voting members of the Board. Each Chair is a one-year position. Up to two individuals may choose to serve as Committee Co-Chairs for any position. The following positions are up for election for 2018-19 school year:

  • Birthday Committee Chair
  • Box Top Committee Chair
  • Middle School Social Committee Chair
  • Restaurant/Spirit Night Committee Chair
  • Teacher Appreciation Committee Chair
  • Uniform Buy Back Committee Chair
  • Virtues Awareness Committee Chair
  • Yearbook/School Pictures Committee Chair

Committee Manager Positions up for Appointment:

Each Committee Manager is a one-year position. Interested parties must submit a bio, which will be used for voting by the PTO Executive Officers. The following positions are up for appointment for 2018-19 year:

  • Baking Committee Manager
  • Benefit Bash Assistant Committee Manager
  • Benefit Bash Auction Item Storage Committee Manager
  • Benefit Bash Procurement Committee Manager
  • Ben’s Brigade Committee Manager
  • Bulletin Board Committee Manager
  • D.C. Fundraising Committee Manager
  • Father/Daughter Event Committee Manager
  • Harvest Festival Committee Manager
  • Marketing Committee Manager
  • Mother/Son Event Committee Manager
  • Online Store Committee Manager
  • PTO Web Page Committee Manager
  • Scrip Committee Manager
  • Social Media Committee Manager
  • Spirit Wear Committee Manager
  • Sponsor Committee Manager
  • Welcoming Committee Manager


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