Andy Beggins

Andy Beggins has lived in Colorado since 2000. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Operations Research from the University of Texas and has worked in a number of different industries in a variety of roles. For ten years he was in the Natural Gas industry in Houston, Texas including a six year stint in which he was involved in the building of a start-up company that he and his partners later sold to Koch Industries. Since 2004 Andy has worked in the Financial Services Industry as part of a residential mortgage servicing business and is currently employed by Specialized Loan Servicing (“SLS”), located in Highlands Ranch, CO. With SLS, Andy has taken on a variety of different roles including Process Development and Improvement, building and managing the company’s Internal Audit function, building and managing the company’s Investor/Client Relations department, and various roles within the company’s Finance department. He currently is part of the Finance Department as V.P. of Strategic Analytics and manages the processes of Service Structuring and Pricing, Portfolio Forecast Modeling and Business Development Support.  Andy has been part of the BFA Finance Committee since its inception.