Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 PTO Elections. We are excited to announce our 2022-2023 PTO Team and look forward to serving the BFA community again next year. Additionally, thank you to the incredible 2021-2022 PTO Team for your enthusiasm and volunteerism. Thinking about volunteering for the PTO? There’s still time! The following positions are currently open for next year:
Teacher Appreciation Committee Chair
Virtues Awareness Committee Chair
Spring Social Committee Manager
Sweetheart Ball Committee Manager
If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these positions, or want to learn more, contact Shauna Kramer, PTO Secretary.
President Janelle Nichols Baking Committee Manager Anna Burt
Vice President Alissa Motazedi Bulletin Board Committee Manager Kerianne Cussio
Treasurer Fundraising Assistant Committee Manager Lindy Busbee
Room Parent Coordinator Anne Guisti Chacon Franklin Fest Committee Manager Christina Dilley
Fundraising Coordinator (Appointed for 2022-2023) Andreya Flanigan Marketing Committee Manager – Flyers Nicole Withee
Social Coordinator Ewelina Chrzanowski Marketing Committee Manager – Newsletter Briauna Smythe
Secretary Online Store Committee Manager Stephanie Ortiz
    SCRIP Committee Manager Rebecca Mullenix
COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Elected)   Social Media Committee Manager Subashri Sadasivan
Birthday Committee Chair Katie Duncan Spirit Rock Committee Manager Lindsay Bullock
Ben’s Brigade Committee Manager Curtis Anderson Spirit Wear Committee Manager Amy Marks
Restaurant/Spirit Night Committee Chair Lexie Christensen Sponsor Committee Manager Cassie Roberts
Teacher Appreciation Committee Chair Spring Social Committee Manager Uniform Consignment Chair Jessica Kostelecky Sweetheart Ball Committee Manager Virtues Awareness Committee Chair Trunk or Treat Committee Manager Erin Wiley
Yearbook/School Pictures Committee Chairs Erin Boardman Web Page Committee Manager Devi Nallappan
    Welcoming Committee Manager Kristen Clark Bretsch