We have some exciting news to share–we are updating our current carpool process and will begin using an app, called Bolts Out, for dismissal beginning Monday, March 2. Please read the following information about the new app.
ALL parents and family members who pick up kids from afternoon carpool will need to take the following actions so you are ready for the first day on March 2:
 Bolts Out App
1)   Download the new dismissal app, called Bolts Out, by Friday, Feb. 21. The app is available NOW using the following links:
2)   Set up your family information in the Bolts Out app.
    • Open the app. Click ‘allow notifications‘ then enter your mobile number and click ‘send OTP‘ which, in this case, stands for One Time Password. Enter the security code you received via text message and click ‘validate.’ Acknowledge the safety question, then follow the prompts to indicate how often you want to receive safety reminders (daily or weekly). Important: You must allow the app to use your location when the app is open, otherwise it will not function properly.
    • You’ll now be able to view the home screen with your family number and last name. Click on the settings ‘gear.’
    • Click on ‘Update Mobile Numbers‘ to invite (non-BFA) family members (up to six) or caregivers to join the app and have the ability to pick up your child(ren). They must also download and set up the app. (Use this for grandparents, siblings who pick up, or another caregiver.) After you key in the numbers, select ‘Update,’ then go ‘Back‘ to the home screen.
    • Use the ‘Authorize’ button to set up your BFA carpool information by adding smart phone numbers to your Bolts Out app. If you add a cell/smart phone number to ‘Authorize,’ that person will have the ability to pick up your child(ren) for the dates you specify.
3)   Read the instructions regarding the new pickup process carefully as there are significant changes.
4)   Keep your blue tag, as we will continue to use them with the new system.
5)   Be ready and patient on Monday, March 2, as we begin using our new system!
Again, ALL parents and family members who participate in afternoon pick up MUST download and set up the app by Friday, Feb. 21.
Instructions for Pickup Process:
We will continue to use both A and B lanes for dismissal. As normal you should not switch lanes once you’re on BFA property. We recently marked our A and B lanes with large, painted letters so it’s easy for parents to tell which lane they are in.
Beginning at 2 p.m., but not before, parents can start arriving for afternoon carpool dismissal. The dismissal zone will be easily identifiable as we will paint large RED Front and Back lines to signify the Check In Zone.
When queuing for dismissal, you’ll need to do the following:
  1. Turn into lane A or B
  2. Pull forward to the Bolts Out Check In Zone (signified by the red stripes and large sign)
  3. Put your car in park
  4. Open the Bolts Out app on your smartphone. Your family number and name Home Page Bolts Outwill show up on the home screen of the app.
  5. To pick up your student, press the circle for A or B lane, depending on which lane you’re in that day.
  6. Next, if you are carpooling, click on the top circle with the ‘>’ symbol to scroll through your authorized carpool list. When you see the last name of the student(s) you are picking up that day, take action to select A or B lane (depending on which lane you’re in). Keep scrolling, and selecting lane A or B until you’ve selected all your students for pick up. As you scroll through your carpool choices, if you do not press A or B when a family name comes up, you will NOT be designated to pick up that student. Please note: The ‘>’ sign on the app home page, will only show up if another BFA family has set up your cell phone number for carpooling.
  7. Put your cell phone aside.
  8. Put up your blue tag to show you’ve Checked In, and
  9. Pull around into the dismissal car line.
  10. Wait for the staff member to guide your car into the actual pick up areas; volunteers will be on hand to help out for the first few months.
  11. Once your student(s) is in your car, you can remove the blue tag from your rearview mirror and that will let us know that you’ve collected your student(s) and are ready to exit.
Questions and Answers:
Can I arrive before 2 p.m. for dismissal?
No, do not arrive prior to 2 p.m. for carline.
Can I check in on the Bolts Out app before 2 p.m.?
No, you cannot use the app to Check In until you are on BFA property and in the designated Check In zone.
What will change for students?
Our students will see the fewest changes as we transition to this new system. Students will continue to see information about their color and zone on the board in their classroom during the carpool process.
Can I still carpool?
Absolutely, you can still carpool! To setup your carpool details in the app, follow the instructions below:
  • If a family member or caregiver is picking up your student(s), be sure you’ve added their phone number to ‘Update Mobile Numbers,’ and instruct them to download and set up the app. You can add six numbers to ‘Update Mobile Numbers.’ Your mobile number will already be populated in the app.
  • If a BFA family is picking up your student for dismissal, be sure to authorize them by adding their cell/smart phone number to ‘Authorize’ within the app. You can add as many numbers as you’d like to ‘Authorize.’ 
*Remember, you can find ‘Update Mobile Numbers’ and ‘Authorize’ within the settings gear.
Can my student walk home?
Yes, the walker procedures are not changing.
What if my student is released early for middle school sports?
The process for middle school sports pickup will remain the same as it is today.
How do we handle poor weather or other issues?
If there is an early release or delay in dismissal, we will have the ability to send a message to all phone numbers registered on the Bolts Out app to let those picking up in the afternoon know about the issue. That’s why we encourage you to allow notifications.
Will afternoon office hours remain the same?
Yes, the office will be closed for dismissal from 3 – 4 p.m.
Will carpool end at the same time?
We anticipate efficiencies with the new system, but for now, we expect dismissal to end around 3:55 p.m. And, similar to today, we may move to one carpool lane (A lane) prior to closing.
Will morning drop off change?
No, morning drop off will not change and you will not need to use the app during drop off.
Why are we moving to this new system?
We believe there are efficiencies associated with the new system that we’ll be able to realize once we’ve adjusted to the new process. In addition, we have had few to no afternoon volunteers in carpool so we’ll be better able to manage the process utilizing current staff resources.
What if I don’t have my cell phone or it’s not charged?
Similar to forgetting your tag, if you don’t have a working smartphone and cannot Check In your student using the app, you’ll need to wait for All Call to get your child(ren).
Does this mean I can be on my phone during carpool/dismissal?
After you move through the Check In zone, you need to set your phone aside and focus on driving. There are many safety concerns associated with distracted driving in a school parking lot–even if you are using Bluetooth. Please continue to treat BFA property as a NO PHONE ZONE after you use the app to Check In!
Do you still need volunteers?
Yes! We still need a handful of volunteers every afternoon for carpool until we realize the efficiencies associated with the new system.