Sensing a need after conversing with his sister and Principal Simpson, 2020 BFA alum Tyler Sunahara determined outdoor picnic tables at BFA were a must and would make for a great Eagle Scout project.
“I really wanted to give back to my school that I attended for nine years and as a thank you to everything BFA has taught me,” Tyler said.
According to Tyler, one of his reasons for wanting to build the picnic benches is that many middle schoolers eat their lunches outside (pre-COVID-19), but there are few places to do so. “Currently, they do not have any place to sit beside the ground, so having picnic benches will be more comfortable, and they can talk to their friends easier,” he said. The picnic benches also provide a place for middle school students to eat that is clearly defined versus eating somewhere that is not allowed, such as the blacktop.
Tyler raised funds for the project with financial donations from the BFA Board of Directors, the BFA Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and additional funds from friends and family. In addition, Alpine Lumber donated all of the lumber for the project, and Christy Sports sold the umbrellas to Tyler just above cost. With the help of 17 volunteers, Tyler’s project produced three sturdy 8-foot tables that can accommodate 10 middle school students at each table (pre-social distancing).
In order to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, one must complete six ranks and a minimum of 21 merit badges plus an independent service project that serves one’s community. Tyler looks forward to receiving his Eagle Scout rank this fall.
We sincerely appreciate Tyler’s hard work and will enjoy using the picnic tables for years to come!