We hope you’ll actively engage in the Board Election Process!

The ability of any charter school to carry out its mission and vision depends on the strength of its organizational foundation. A critical element of this foundation is the charter school board itself. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, every charter school needs a board composed of individuals who not only support the school’s mission but also sincerely believe in and seek to promote it. Advocating for BFA and its educational philosophy is an important function of the Board and involves promoting the mission, vision and goals of BFA within both the BFA community and the community at large.  

2021 Elections for the BFA Board of Directors

The BFA Board consists of seven (7) members: four (4) are regularly elected by the BFA School Voting Group, and three (3) are appointed by the Board. Service on the BFA Board is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while helping guide the direction of our school and our students’ development. We are seeking leaders who are passionate and committed to the mission, vision, and long-term strategic plan of BFA to serve on the Board.

This year, there are two (2) open director seats on the BFA Board, which will be filled according to the Board of Directors Election Policy. Each seat is for a three-year term. One (1) director will be elected by the BFA School Voting Group, and one (1) director will be appointed by the BFA Board. For additional information, read the  Board of Directors Succession Plan.

2021 Call for Nominations

The call for nominations, which ended on Feb. 19, is for the following BFA Board seats:

  • Seat 1, Class A, is currently occupied by Bill Castor. Bill has served on the Board for six (6) years and is term limited. This seat serves a three-year term, ending in May 2024, and is elected by the BFA School Voting Group.
  • Seat 2, Class A, is currently occupied by Courtney Jurbala. Courtney has served on the Board for three (3) years and will not be seeking re-election. This seat serves a three-year term, ending in May 2024, and is appointed by the BFA Board.

2021 BFA Board Election/Appointment Process

We appreciate everyone who submitted nominations earlier this year, the 2021-22 Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) Board of Director nominees were:  Mette Castor, Haley Maglieri and Matthew Olson.

  Mette Castor, Nominee Response Sheet

Haley Maglieri, Nominee Response Sheet

Matthew Olson, Nominee Response Sheet

2021 Election Results

Thank you to the three candidates who accepted nominations to serve on the BFA Board of Directors. We appreciate the time you took to participate in this process and your willingness to serve the BFA community!
At the Board meeting on April 20, the candidate elected by the BFA School Voting Group was announced and the appointment by the BFA Board was made. We’re very pleased to announce that Mette Castor was elected to Seat 1, Class A, and Haley Maglieri was appointed to Seat 2, Class A.
We welcome our newest Board members and offer our sincere thanks to all our current Board members for representing the BFA community and upholding BFA’s mission and vision.

To review the entire Board of Directors Election Policy, click here.

Qualifications to Serve on the BFA Board

The Succession Committee is seeking candidates who are committed and passionate individuals with a broad range of skills and knowledge in topics including but not limited to: organizational and financial management; strategic or long-range planning; banking and trusts; business/corporate; academic/education; and technology. We also encourage people with other competencies to seek nomination.

General expectations as well as Board activities, duties, and time commitments are highlighted below:

  • Only one (1) person per family may serve on the Board at any one time. 
  • The Board shall not contract with directors or family members of directors.  
  • Neither directors nor family members of directors may be employees or independent contractors of BFA or serve as officers or voting members of the BFA Parent Teacher Organization.
  • The average director logs 20+ volunteer hours for BFA a month.
  • Directors are required to attend all Board meetings, strategy sessions and conferences as determined by the Board.
  • Directors new to the Board are required to complete the online charter school governance modules created by the Colorado Department of Education or Colorado League of Charter Schools.
  • Directors new to the Board are expected to review the following required materials within 30 days of being elected or appointed: “Cultural Literacy” by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.; “Boards That Make A Difference” by John Carver; and, “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”

For more detailed information, please read the Board Election/Appointment FAQ.

Timeline for Nomination/Election Process

  • The Call for Nominations was held from Monday, Feb. 1, through 11:59 p.m. MST on Friday, Feb. 19.
  • The Board forum is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23; all candidates should attend and plan to participate in Q&A session.
  • School Voting for the Seat 1, Class A director will take place electronically April 9 – April 18.
  • Results of the election will be announced, and and the appointment will be made on Tuesday, April 20, at the regularly scheduled Board meeting. All Board nominees are encouraged to be in attendance for the results of both (1) the election and (1) the appointment.

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more, please email Adam Lucero (adaml@bfacademy.org), Board Director or any of our board members (emails listed below for your quick reference).

Bill Castor, President (bill@bfacademy.org)

Matt Keillor, Vice President (mattk@bfacademy.org)

Sarah Nisbet, Secretary (sarahn@bfacademy.org)

Coutney Jurbala, Treasurer (courtney@bfacademy.org)

Karen Ramon, Director (karenr@bfacademy.org)

Jason Page, Director (jasonp@bfacademy.org)

Adam Lucero, Director (adaml@bfacademy.org)