Please read this letter from Bill Castor, president, BFA board of directors…
The Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) community is seeking leaders, who are passionate about and committed to BFAs mission and vision, to serve on the seven-director BFA Board of Directors (Board). This spring, our community will elect two (2) directors and the BFA Board will appoint one (1) director in accordance with the Board of Directors Election Policy. Each seat is for a three-year term. If you or someone you know is committed to the future success of BFA and is passionate about having a voice in that process, please consider a nomination for a Board seat. Please go to the Board webpage, or click here for more details on the appointment/election process and qualifications.
The BFA Board’s primary responsibilities are oversight, governance and ensuring progress on and alignment with BFA’s Strategic Plan and mission and vision. Specifically, BFA’s Strategic Plan includes the following six goals: 1) improve educational experience on continual basis; 2) maintain financial stability; 3) increase parent satisfaction and demand for enrollment; 4) promote staff and professional development; 5) maintain and develop facility; and 6) renew Charter Contract.
The ability of any charter school to carry out its mission and vision depends on the strength of its organization. A critical element of this is the charter school board itself. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, every charter school needs a board composed of individuals who not only support the school’s mission but also sincerely believe in and seek to promote it. Advocating for BFA and its educational philosophy is an important function of the Board and involves promoting the mission, vision and goals of BFA within the community and with the general public.
BFAs Board currently is comprised of a dedicated group of parent volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets committed to serving the best interests of all BFA students and the community. Board directors typically invest 20 hours per month in BFA governance and oversight duties including preparing for and attending committee and Board meetings. The Board encourages all individuals with a passion to serve the BFA community to be involved in the election process annually.
This year, we are seeking community members with a financial background as well as other skill sets to fill the three (3) total seats up for election/appointment. The following seats will be filled this spring:
  • Seat 5, Class C, is an elected seat and is currently held by Burgandy Hodge, an at-large director, who is not seeking re-election.
  • Seat 6, Class C, is an elected seat and is currently held by Matt Keillor, an at-large director, who will be seeking re-election.
  • Seat 7, Class C, is an appointed seat and is currently held by Steve Haas, Board Treasurer, who is not seeking to be re-appointed.
Based on the composition of the BFA Board and the anticipated short- and long-term needs of the school, the desired skills and knowledge for this election/appointment cycle include the following:
  • Organizational and Financial Management
  • Strategic or Long-Range Planning
  • Banking and Trusts
  • Business/Corporate
  • Academic/Education
  • Technology
If you are interested in serving on the Board, you must complete the nomination form no later than 11:59 p.m. MT., Friday, February 21. The form is your opportunity to let the BFA community know why you would be an asset to the BFA Board, students and community.
All Board nominees are expected to participate in the Q&A session/candidate forum at 5 p.m. M.T., Tuesday, March 24, in the Dana Library. Voting by the Parent Voting Group for the two (2) open elected seats will take place electronically from Monday, April 6, through Sunday, April 19, at 11:59 p.m. MT. Each family within the Parent Voting Group can vote for two (2) candidates. Results of the election will be announced and the appointment by the Board will made at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on Tuesday, April 21. All Board nominees are encouraged to be present at the meeting for the results of both (1) the election and (2) the appointment.
BFA will continue to have a positive affect on the students, families and community we serve, and the Board will play a central role in this important work. Please consider nominating yourself or someone you think would be an asset to the Board, for an open seat now or in the future. Please reach out to any current Board director if you have questions. I have listed each of our email addresses below for your convenience.
Email Addresses:
Bill Castor, President,
Bryan Molen, Vice President,
Courtney Jurbala, Secretary,
Steve Hass, Treasurer,
Burgandy Hodge, Director,
Matt Keillor, Director,
Sarah Nisbet, Director,
Bill Castor
President, Board of Directors
Ben Franklin Academy