BFA Students Master the Beast!

A message from Principal Simpson…
It’s fairly amazing what our directors, tech crew leads, volunteers and BFA students can accomplish in one trimester, as evidenced by those who were fortunate enough to see the fantastic performance of “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” last weekend. What many people don’t realize is that these musical productions are completely student run by the kids who chose the tech theatre and theatre performance electives. 
Our students had to be on their toes for this performance–with multiple costume changes, complicated hair and make-up, many sets to build/change, as well as characters singing in accents (and in one case, a mask!). A ton of volunteer time, organization and LOTS of practice went into the production, but it all paid off! Congratulations to our talented cast and crew, as Ms. Johnson stated, “Your passion and dedication were evident in every song and scene, and even every scene change!”
Special thanks to our directors, Jamie Johnson, LaCretia Gelley (Audience of One), and Brenda Bauer, as well as the leaders of our Tech Crew, Ali Hinkle and Laura Tickle. Thanks to Audience of One who allowed us to borrow costumes, and to the parents who helped sew, create, organize and wash the costumes. And, a big SHOUT OUT to all the parents who collected the props we could not make and created the sets–you did a fantastic job! Finally, thank you to our BFA PTO who continues to support the performing arts at BFA by paying for us to use the rights and purchase the scripts for our show each year.
I have seen many versions (professional, high school, middle school) of this show, as it is one of my personal favorite stories, and while I will admit that I am a little biased, this production was one of the best I have seen!  The work and time that was spent were well worth the outstanding end product!  
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