Bring the lightning (and the thunder) to BFA lawns via the Ben Franklin Bolting Fundraiser! “Bolt” a fellow BFA family for a tax-deductible donation of $25 to the BFA PTO and cover the lawn of BFA families with a dozen (12) Ben Franklin Lightning Bolts!  Place an order on the
lace an order on the BFA Store and enter the address of the family you want to bolt. When you enter the bolted family’s address, you remain anonymous or let ’em know who bolted them. The DI teams will place the BFA “bolts” in the family’s yard for which you paid. Then the family who is “bolted” can choose to have the “bolts” moved to another lawn for $25 by placing an order on the  BFA Store  to keep the fun going. The DI teams will remove the “bolts” the following evening regardless of giving a donation.  Let’s be Frank(lin) about it – bolting is fun!
Note: You will need the address of the family you’d like to “bolt.” Helpful hint: Use the Directory On Tap app to look up an address to “bolt.” DI teams can only deliver to families currently attending BFA. They cannot deliver to a public space or a townhouse, condo or apartment complex. Please email Missy Washeck with any questions.
At the end of May, BFA’s three DI teams will travel to Kansas City, Missouri, to compete among more than 8,000 participants (approximately 1,400 teams) from more than 15 different countries. The cost to attend Global Finals is about $1,500-$2,000 per student. DI is a creative problem-solving program that integrates STEAM principles and teaches 21st century skills, including leadership, teamwork, positive thinking and project management.
Thank you for supporting the BFA DI teams!

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