Thank you for an amazing first couple days! It’s been so fun to see all of the students back in the building. Carpool has been a bit long the past few days. It usually takes a week or so for all of our new families to get into the routine and our veteran families to get back in the groove, so here are a few important reminders:

AM Carpool/Drop-off
– Do not get out of your car. If your child needs assistance, please hang up your carpool tag and a volunteer will be there to help.
-Pull all the way forward in the line. A zone (front of the school) actually wraps around the building a bit in the morning.  Please do not stop at the door you’d like your child to go in, rather pull all the way up closing any gaps in the line. Follow the directions of the volunteers and staff. 
-Between 7:50 and 8:00, there typically is not a line. This is the perfect time to pull straight through and avoid any waiting.
– Students are late if they are not in their classroom by 8:15. If you aren’t on property by 8:05, most likely they will be late.  

PM Carpool/Pick-up
– Please close any gaps in the line. You do not need to leave large gaps between you and the car in front of you.
-If you are going east on Plaza and entering the property, you must turn into zone B. Do not cross the lane to go in zone A.
-We would like everyone to be in line by 3:45.  We had some large gaps in line last week (one caused us to close B early since there were no more cars in B). We also had several small loads in A due to a lack of cars. If you are just getting in line at 3:55, you are late. We had many cars arriving on property after 4 p.m. The majority of those cars are returning families. Please arrive earlier.  

Once we are in the swing of things carpool will end in the afternoon at 4, if not before. I know it has been frustrating, but it will get better. We need everyone to do their part.

We can always use more carpool volunteers both AM and PM, so please volunteer when you can!