Charter Renewal Approved

A message from Principal Simpson…
I am excited to announce that Tuesday night the Douglas County Board of Education voted unanimously to grant Ben Franklin Academy a five-year charter renewal! While the renewal of our charter was never really in doubt, it was sure nice to hear that the district had no questions or hesitations in granting our renewal. They also were not hesitant to grant us five years, which has been the maximum renewal allowed for the past few years by the district.
The process was a long one. In fact, it started way back last May and we worked on our application all summer. After we turned in the application, a site team visited BFA and analyzed all aspects of the school from instruction and finances, to facilities. After the site visit was completed, the district reviewed all of our information in order to make an informed decision. Though the process was long, it was so rewarding to go through all of our accomplishments, acknowledge everyone’s hard work and reflect on how the school has grown during the last eight years.  
I want to give a special thanks to Ann Citrin and Paige Brock. They both spent many hours working on the application and without them it would not have been nearly as thorough.
This renewal reflects what I said in my statement to the Board of Education back in December. We are more than a school; we are a community. I can’t wait to see the great things our students and staff accomplish during the next five years!  
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