Continental Math League Results

Continental Math League (CML) is a national mathematics competition that tests students’ grade level comprehension. Kids in grades 3 – 8 participated for the third consecutive year. The test is structured such that students are asked to correctly solve six (6) problems for each of five (5) tests (third graders complete 3 tests). The highest six scores for each grade are reported for a maximum class score of 36 for each test. While several individual students have received a top score of six (6) for a given test, Ms. Svensen’s sixth grade class was the first class to receive a perfect score of 36 on the 5th test. Ms. Dychus’ eighth grade class scored the highest total points for the five (5) tests with a score of 153.
Thanks to all BFA students, teachers, administration and STEM committee for supporting the CML testing!
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