Thinking about volunteering with the PTO? There are so many reasons why you should! Here are just a few:
  1. Your volunteer work will make a difference.
  2. You can meet new people.
  3. We can match jobs to your interests and availability.
  4. You’ll know what’s going on at BFA.
  5. It’s so much fun to be an active part of the community!
Nominations will be accepted March 13-26, and PTO elections will be held April 26-30. To nominate yourself, or someone you know who’d be a good fit in the PTO, please complete the 2022 BFA PTO Nominations form starting on Sunday, March 13.
For more information, including the top 10 reasons you should join the PTO and job descriptions (with time commitments) of the PTO’s volunteer opportunities, visit the ‘Elections’ section of the PTO’s webpage. The right position is waiting for you!