A challenge from Principal Simpson…
Volunteerism was a founding principle of BFA eight years ago as the school was getting started. We believe parents should be connected to, and partners in their child(ren)’s education. That’s why we ask that each family contribute at least 30 volunteer hours each year (15 hours for single family households). Each month, I provide our Board with statistics on volunteerism in the school. At our April meeting, I shared that 90 percent of our families have completed some volunteer hours in the school this year. This is higher than the percentage that completed some hours last year, which is wonderful. However, I know that we can get to 100 percent!! This is my challenge for the last four weeks of the year…let’s achieve 100 percent participation! Here are some easy ways to do this:
1. RECORD your hours! Please go in and make sure your hours are recorded for the year.
2. Volunteer for field days and end of year activities in the classrooms.
3. Volunteer for a shift in carpool, the lunchroom or the library. See the newsletter or the Volunteer Management webpage for additional ideas. 
We also are in need of some people to volunteer next year on the Community Events Committee (CEC). This committee is responsible for the following events that our community has enjoyed during the past eight years:
  • Back to School Picnic
  • BooHoo Yahoo Kindergarten Celebration
  • Mornings with Moms
  • Goodies with Grandparents
  • Donuts with Dads
  • One Act Of Kindness celebrations
Unfortunately, there are no members of this committee that will be returning next year. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a way that you may not have considered before now. These fun, traditional BFA events may not happen next year if we do not have people volunteer to take on this committee. This is a great committee for working and stay-at-home parents alike. I’d hate for these events not to continue. If you are interested in being on CEC next year, please emailme. You can even get in a couple of hours in this school year while we plan for next year.
If you have any questions about volunteering or recording hours, please email Michelle Bynum, office manager and volunteer coordinator.
Thank you all for all the time you do spend helping our community. Let’s get 100 percent!! 

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