Gifting with SCRIP

This spring, the PTO is offering the BFA community an opportunity to participate in teacher and staff gifting with SCRIP. The program makes it easy for parents to choose which teachers and staff they’d like to gift, then make one payment for all of their gifts. After the PTO tallies the gifts, each teacher/staff member receives an email with the total amount collected, and selects which gift cards they would like to receive. By consolidating donations, we are able to provide teachers and staff with meaningful gifts.
The SCRIP program allows the PTO to purchase the requested gift cards at discounts ranging from 2 – 21 percent, depending on the retailer. That discounted amount comes back to BFA from SCRIP, and will be used for PTO-funded programs at school.
To place your SCRIP order, visit the BFA Store NOW through Friday, April 19, and click on ‘SCRIP Gifting.’ Then select the appropriate grade or category, and click on ‘more info’ next to the staff member’s name to open the amount dropdown. If the amount you want to give isn’t listed, you can use the options available to come up with your desired gift amount. For example, if you want to give a staff member $7, you can create one order for $4, then go back and create another order for the same teacher/staff member for $3 to make a total of $7.
Participation in the SCRIP program is completely voluntary. You are welcome to participate with any amount, or alternatively gift the teachers and staff on your own.  The gifts will be given to the staff during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, the week of May 6, and will be in lieu of any other class gift/collection. 
Questions? Visit the PTO webpage or contact Rachael Hamburger, SCRIP coordinator.
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