The BFA spelling bee took place on Jan. 10 with the following students competing: Megan Heckwolf, Liliana Molieri, Architha Kannojoo, Kennedy Fletemeyer, Laurel Henbest, Asah Rangel, Colby Mayka, Dallin Sarver, Tyler Sunahara, and Jeremy Lewicki.
We’re so proud of all our contestants and are happy to announce that Architha Kannojoo (5th) and Laurel Henbest (6th) are co-champions of BFA’s 2020 spelling bee! 
Architha and Laurel will now compete at the district spelling bee on Saturday, Feb. 8, at Castle Rock Middle School. It is a public event so if you’d like to go and show your BFA support then you’re welcome to attend. 
Congratulations, spellers!