A message from Principal Simpson…
BFA’s virtue for January is resolution. Our definition of this virtue–completing tasks on time and being prepared–aptly describes our Board, especially as it relates to fiscal responsibility. Our Board of Directors has always resolved to be good stewards of the money that the school receives, and, in conjunction with our Business Office, they dedicate much time and energy into ensuring BFA is financially secure and has ample savings. BFA’s strong financial position is one of the reasons we have a high standing in the district and we were able to secure our contract renewal.  
Last fall, the voters in Douglas County voted to pass 5A and 5B, which will increase our school’s funding. I wanted to share with you how this additional funding will impact BFA. Following are a few of the goals/objectives we’re able to accomplish as a result of the Mil Levy passing:
1.  Our salary project, which had been a 3-year plan, was accelerated into a 2-year plan. Our salaries continue to be competitive with surrounding districts.
2. We’ve been able to fund several security enhancements; including placing even more cameras around the school and adding window security film to all lower windows as well as interior door windows.  
3.  We are adding a part-time Gifted and Talented teacher to help support the elementary teachers and Mrs. Murphy, our gifted and talented specialist.
4. We are adding more chrome books to fourth grade and will replace the Macs in both computer labs.
5. We have increased our Professional Development budget for the year to invest more in teacher training.
6. We have given each grade level a small budget to offset the costs of some field trips, so that parents will pay less out of pocket for these fun learning experiences. 
These are a few examples of how we are using those extra dollars to impact your students every day. If you ever have questions about funding or our budget, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Another great way to keep up on financial information about the school is to attend monthly Board meetings or take a look at the financial transparency page on our website.

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