A message from Principal Simpson…
The Douglas County School District has closed all schools from March 16-27 in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. March 16-20 is our previously scheduled Spring Break, and March 23-27 we will participate in remote learning.
BFA teachers and students will follow the remote learning plan I communicated earlier this week. The teachers have prepared for this possibility, as have the students and I’m confident that we’ll continue to have meaningful lessons throughout the remote learning period.
Our kindergarten-fourth grade teachers will be sending home a packet of work as well as any textbooks or other books/materials with your student(s) today.  Our fifth graders will check out their Chromebooks to take home during break. Fifth-eighth grade students will primarily use their Chromebooks for remote learning, but if teachers have other materials for them, those will also be sent home this Friday. 
Teachers will email their classes each day of the closure to provide specific instructions on the work that should be completed that day. Specials teachers and student support personnel will also communicate activities for their classes or groups.
We are sending home enough materials for two weeks of closure, though as of right now we are only closed for one week. The second week of work is being sent home as a precaution, as the District will be evaluating if we will re-open the building closer to March 30.
Teachers are expected to answer emails daily, so if you have any questions during this time, please reach out to them. 
If your student was not at school today, and they did not pick up their materials yesterday, those items are available in the office to pick up today. To make sure you have an opportunity to pick up necessary school materials, we will put unclaimed school work in the main vestibule of the building through next week during school hours. The materials will also be posted on the teacher’s websites so they can be accessed that way as well. 
If you have a 5th-8th grader, who did not pick up their Chromebook earlier this week, and you are unable to pick it up today, please contact me directly and we will arrange a time for you to come by school the week of March 23 and pick it up. 
Please have a safe and healthy couple of weeks. We will be in communication throughout the closure with updates as necessary. 
Please send me any questions or concerns you have during this time.  I will be checking emails daily.