A message from Principal Simpson…

I promised an update if there was anything new in the CDE recommendations that were released late yesterday. According to their recommendations, we do not have any restrictions on class sizes for fall at this time from the State level. I reached out to other school leaders and state department contacts and was able to confirm that earlier today.

What does this mean? It means that BFA will be moving forward with the “regular class size (20-26)” scenario in our plan. We will keep the A/B schedule in our arsenal if we have to change due to any Executive Orders or Public Health Orders that may happen over the next few weeks. If cases continue to rise in Colorado, we may need to pivot our strategy, but as of right now, we are moving forward with regular class sizes.

We will be setting classes up in cohort groups that will stay together all day. We will continue to offer the remote learning options we have presented previously. If you want to refer to the specifics of the plan we sent out a couple of weeks ago, it is linked HERE.

The form you will fill out this weekend will focus on your choice for mode of learning based on these larger class sizes. It will also ask you what you would choose if we have to drop to a lower class size. We want to make sure we have that information available to us if we have to revert to the smaller groupings.

I know that this news will make some of you happy. I know it will upset others. I understand that these are very trying and hard times for parents, and decisions related to schools reopening weigh heavy in your minds and on your hearts as they do mine. We are here to help in any way we can. Please send any questions you have to the question link (HERE) for the Town Hall on Thursday. This link will be live until early Thursday morning. The Town Hall recording will be sent out via a link Thursday evening. 

Thank you all for your continued support.