A message from Principal Simpson…
Before we kick off remote learning tomorrow, I want to share a few thoughts.
First of all, please let me know right away if you need any assistance surrounding technology and your students’ lessons.  
These are unprecedented times, and this is new to all of us. As we navigate these circumstances, we will need to extend much grace to each other–students, families, and teachers. I am sure as we try out new techniques and ways of teaching/learning, we will need to make adjustments along the way. One of the keys to being successful is positive, consistent communication. I will be communicating with the community as a whole, any developments, and updates. Teachers will be communicating daily during the school week about assignments. You will need to communicate with your teachers about how things are going at home. This will help the teachers make adjustments as needed. We understand that each family will have unique circumstances during this time. We should all be operating with reasonableness and grace as our guides.  
Mr. Gomez and I will be virtually meeting with all teachers this week to see how we can help support their efforts. We also will be discussing some of the video conferencing capabilities that are available. We want the students to be able to connect with both their teacher and their classmates throughout this closure.  
Along those lines, we will be sending out or perhaps broadcasting some live videos that will include other staff members as well. I’m excited about some of the possibilities that we’re working out. 
Please reach out with any concerns or questions. I will be available by email every day. If you would rather speak over the phone, please email me, and we will set up a phone call.  
Thank you,
Mrs. Simpson