Ben Franklin Academy’s Heart Challenge will take place during the next few weeks. Last year, BFA gained recognition for being among the top six schools in Colorado to raise money for the American Heart Association. This year, we lowered our monetary donation goal to $10,000, as our primary objective this year is to encourage our students to make healthy choices. We want students to understand the importance of giving to others, but the main message will be about how to stay heart healthy.
This year, students will be given three challenges:  
1.  Sign on to the American Heart Association and take the Heart Challenge with your family. This is a great way for the whole family to remember the things they need to do to stay healthy!
2.  Donate, if possible. (If each student donates $15, we will meet our goal.) Alternatively, your student can choose to send out emails asking others to donate. I realize you are asked to donate a lot, and as I tell the students every year, each family has different preferences regarding donations and if this is not one of them, that’s okay! Maybe this will start a conversation about your family’s philosophy regarding giving and/or how you choose to support your community.
3.  Participate in Heart Rate Challenge Days, and stay in the Target Heart Rate Zone for 80 percent of the class period.
Below are the Heart Rate Challenge Days (during their specials time):
  • Friday, Feb. 1 – Dunn, Hildebrand, Boyd, Marchisio, Brook, McGinty
  • Friday, Feb. 8 – Walter, Hinz, Lewicki, Erbaugh, DePasse, Ferguson
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13 – Pitrone, North
  • Thursday, Feb. 14 – Knudsen, Whelan, Wall, Wilson
  • Friday, Feb. 22 – Mashburn, Harms, VanWyk, Lindgren, Triplett, half-day Kindergarten
 All envelopes and donations will be due by Monday, Feb. 25.
If you would like to volunteer for a Heart Challenge Event, click here to sign up.

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