Living the Motto

This year’s BFA motto was, ‘Be BRAVE…Do Hard Things!‘ There are many examples of our students doing something challenging this school year–for some kids that challenge might be raising their hand in class or reading a chapter book, while to others it means choosing a difficult science fair project or trying a new sport. Trying something new, whether you succeed or fail, facilitates growth so we’re proud of ALL our students who faced a new challenge, did something outside their comfort zone and/or showed integrity in the choices they made. Below are a few examples from our staff of students they saw living the motto this school year:
Mrs. Jones: The girls soccer team fought back against Aspen View Academy and two losses to win the semi-final and play in championship game. That took hard work and perseverance. I am so proud of all of them!
Mrs. North: One of my first graders shows incredible leadership on the playground. He always makes sure teams are fair and everyone plays.
John Emmons and the Sixth Grade Team: Traversing middle school can be difficult with issues of homework, friendships, and the day-to-day of being a teenager. Gracie Billups has done all of this on top of completing 850 days of chemo-therapy treatment. Gracie showed up each day with a willingness to learn, a smile on her face, and a life outside the hospital room. She has truly been an inspiration for the sixth grade students and team this year at BFA. We could not be happier for her and her family–and are thrilled she is through her SUCCESSFUL treatments so she can join the rest of her classmates dealing with the usual middle-school issues.
Ms. Rooney: Hooray for my student who made tremendous progress this year in writing. By the end of the year, he was able to write a comprehensive five-paragraph essay with a well-developed thesis statement.
Ms. PoleschookBen Hoffman spent quite a bit of time helping to clean up Redstone Park when middle school field day was over. While other kids were playing or hanging out, he did the hard thing of putting off fun and being responsible for, not only himself but his classmates too. 
Ms. Dychus: I want to recognize all the students in grades 3 through 8 who participated in the Continental Math League this year. For each of the five meets, students were given six challenging math problems to try and solve in 30 minutes. Our students had to think outside the box and apply their knowledge to problems–some of which were unlike anything they had ever seen. They showed a lot of grit and perseverance and did a fantastic job!
Mrs. Gibson: We have a student, Lynn Ho, who was new to our school this year. She has made great strides and found new friends. She also came through in a big way for her team on Field Day during the tire race! The seventh grade team is excited to see what she will accomplish next year!
Mrs. Keen: I’m so proud of all the students who stood up in front of guest judges and parents to perform a song and a monologue at the Audition Prep class this year. This was a brand-new experience for some of these kids. It took a lot of courage and they all did a great job!
These kids tried something new, faced a challenge head-on, and/or accomplished their goals because the love and support of their parents, coaches and teachers made them feel safe while taking a chance. Thanks for all you do, and we hope you’ll share in recognizing the hard things your student accomplished this year!
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