A message from Principal Simpson…
Thank you for being part of the Town Hall last week. I hope many of your questions got answered. There are still many unknowns that I know are causing us all some anxiety. We are anxiously awaiting news from the State Department on group size allowances; however, we need to move forward in order to plan as well as we can for the upcoming school year. 
Last week, we asked that staff and families fill out a survey regarding the options available for K-5 scheduling if the group sizes remain at ten (which is the current guidance). Over 60% of respondents chose the A/B schedule option; therefore, we will move forward with the A/B option if limited to small groups of students.
We want to gather your initial thoughts on what you are considering for your family for next year. Please fill out THIS form by Thursday, July 16th. This is NOT your binding choice, and we understand that families choices may change over the next couple of weeks based on current events or regulations put forward. We are collecting this information to inform our planning over the next several weeks.
Here’s the plan for the next two weeks:
  1. Parents fill out the initial preference form (linked above), due July 16th.
  2. I’ll send an update regarding any new news on July 20th. This update will include a copy of the agreement that we will be asking parents to sign if they choose remote learning. It will also include a link to submit questions for the next Town Hall.
  3. We’ll have another Town Hall on July 23rd. We will follow the same format as last week; hopefully, the audience limit will be fixed. The meeting will be recorded for people who can’t sign in live. 
  4. Parents fill out binding decisions for August-October modes of learning: July 25-28. 
Meanwhile, the administration is meeting with all grade levels to make detailed plans for fall implementation. 
Thank you all for your continued patience. This is a challenging time for all of us, and we appreciate your support!