Students can bring a lunch, or get lunch at school. At this time, lunch is free if the student gets an entree and a fruit or veggie. See the Nutrition Services webpage for more information. Douglas County Nutrition Services (DCNS) provides lunch and strives to offer healthy options. You can view the lunch choices for the week on the Nutrislice website, and set up a payment account for seconds and snacks through MySchoolBucks
Nutrition Services has found that some parents do not want their students to purchase extra food (snacks or doubles) or have a negative account balance. If you DO NOT want your child to have extra food and/or create a negative balance (charging) on their account, complete the online form on the’s Parent Welcome page or click here. Please note, that you will need your student’s ID number. 
Please make sure your child knows when they should order hot lunch and what their choice is for that day (including whether they’ll be purchasing doubles). Teachers are asked to give a count of how many students will be ordering lunch and what choice they would like each morning. To find out more, see the BFA website.