September Virtues

A message from Principal Simpson…
One of the qualities that differentiates us from other schools is our focus on Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues. Our teachers focus on one or two virtues each month by emphasizing these virtues in classroom discussions and activities. In addition, teachers recognize students who live out these virtues in their daily lives. Reinforcement of these virtues at home is a key part of helping our kids understand their importance, as well as how best to incorporate these virtues within your family.
Therefore, it would be wonderful if you could have contemporaneous discussions with your kids about the current month’s virtues. While the 13 Virtues are on our website, we want to make this easy for you so we plan to highlight the current month’s virtues in one of our weekly newsletters. The virtues we focus on in September are silence and justice.  
Silence:  There is a time and place to speak up and a time to listen. You learn more by listening than speaking. We practice this in September by reminding students to be quiet and respectful in the hallways, raising their hands to speak in class, and listening while the teacher (or another student) is speaking. We encourage all students to participate and contribute, but by practicing the virtue of silence, we show that there is a lot to be learned by listening as well as speaking.  
Justice:  Be respectful. Give everyone a chance to work or play. Give others a chance to express themselves. Share. Remember that others are counting on you, so live up to your duty. This also is a virtue that is important to introduce early in the year, because it emphasizes sharing and being respectful to each other. For our older students, it’s an opportunity to emphasize that school is their ‘job’ right now, and they need to take this responsibility seriously.  
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