Seussical a Success!

We appreciate all families who came to see Seussical Jr. this past weekend! It was a terrific performance thanks to a wonderful cast as well as our fantastic tech and production crew. The set, props and costumes were amazing! Thanks to our directors, Jamie Johnson, LaCretia Gelley, Brenda Bauer and Sammie Legg, and our Tech Crew managers, Ali Hinkle and Laura Tickle. Also, special thanks to Dylan Gregory, Scott Hochhalter and Rita Miniaci.
Finally, please see this note from Ms. Johnson…
To all the performers,
All creatures and whos,
To the wonderful teachers
And parents in slews,
I send you my thanks
For this magical tale,
And congratulate all
I’d even do it in braille!
Happy Seussical, kids!
Oh, the Places you’ll go!
I sure hope you had fun!
Thanks for being part of the show!
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