Student Council has planned another Spirit Week to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished this year. May 10-14, students are encouraged to dress up for each of the themed days:
Monday, May 10 – Icon Day (from athletes to movie stars, and even TV/movie characters–dress as someone well-known)

Tuesday, May 11- Decade Day (pick your favorite historical decade)

Wednesday, May 12- Wacky Zoom Meeting Attire! (A new take on Wacky Wednesday–put together your craziest outfit and silliest hair)

Thursday, May 13- Beach Day (don your summer apparel)

Friday, May 14- Color Out Day (each grade is assigned a color–color your whole grade!)

  • Kindie – yellow
  • 1st – green
  • 2nd – dark blue/navy
  • 3rd – purple
  • 4th – orange
  • 5th – white
  • 6th – black
  • 7th- light blue
  • 8th – red