If your student has a medication in the health room, please plan to pick it next week during the distribution of student belongings on May 19 and 20. Only a parent/guardian or a designated adult can pick up medicine. Medication(s) for your student(s) will be brought to you curbside. Two staff members will document that the medication was returned to you, so you will not need to sign for the medication. If you will not be attending the pick up, please let us know who will be picking up the medication(s). If applicable, you also will need to pick up any medications stored in BASE, as we will not transfer medications to BASE for summer camp this year. All medications that are not picked up by parents will be disposed of (expired or not).
For those students that take medicine at school, per the Douglas County School District (DCSD), new medication forms are required at the beginning of each school year. Medication forms from the prior school year are considered EXPIRED.
In preparation for next school year, as in the past, prescription and over-the-counter medications will be administered to students at school only on the specific written request of the student’s parent/guardian and with the written authorization of the student’s physician.
Provider Medication Authorization Forms, Asthma Care Plans, Allergy Care Plans, and Medication Request and Release forms are available in the school office, on the school website and are linked below. If your student(s) have a doctor’s appointment during the summer, that’s a good time to get the paperwork completed. Records can be emailed to the health office, faxed to 303-974-1738 or dropped off during BFA Family Check-In.   
All prescription medications must be provided in the original pharmacy labeled container. The pharmacy label must match the accompanying Provider Medication Authorization. All over-the-counter medications must be provided in the original packaging, which includes dose and frequency information, the dose must match the Provider Medication Authorization.
Reminder: Acetaminophen or any other over-the-counter medication cannot be administered at school without an order from the health care provider (Provider Medication Authorization Form). Ben Franklin Academy provides Acetaminophen in 80 mg chewable tablets and 325 mg pills. If your student needs a different dose or form, you will need to provide the medication.
Herbal and homeopathic remedies may not be administered at school.
Not sure which form you need to have completed?
Provider Medication Authorization Form: If your student will need a medication administered at school, either daily or as needed, please complete the top portion of this form and have the student’s health care provider complete the lower portion of the form.
Asthma Care Plan: If your student has asthma and will have an inhaler or other treatment at school, have your student’s health care provider complete this form. Also complete the Medication Request and Release Agreement (below).
Allergy Care Plan: If your student has a severe allergy and will have an epinephrine auto-injector or other medication at school, have your student’s health care provider complete this form. Also complete the Medication Request and Release Agreement (below).
Medication Request and Release Agreement: If your student’s health care provider has used their own form or if your student has an Asthma Care Plan or Allergy Care Plan, please complete this form.
Thank you for adhering to these processes. As always, our highest priority is to keep all students safe at school.