Ms. Williams, our librarian, is featuring local authors in the BFA library this month. She’s reading from the list of Colorado Children’s Book Award nominees to our elementary students. In fact, they’ll get to hear all 10 books during the next few weeks, then have an opportunity to vote for their favorite three. Kids have enjoyed listening to the books–and some of our first grade classes received an extra special treat when Principal Simpson read to them! There have been several other guest readers as well–thank you Mrs. Hildebrand, Mrs. Susan Hodge, Mrs. Dunn, Grandparent Mary Arboleda and several of Ms. Poleschook’s students who also took a turn reading to elementary students.
After Ms. Williams tallies the votes, she’ll submit them to the Colorado Children’s Book Award Committee. They’ll gather votes from participating schools and an award will be given to the winning Colorado author this March. We’ll be sure to let you know the name of the winning author and book!