A message from Principal Simpson…
Every year, the Board and Admin team task the School Accountability Committee (SAC) with crafting a parent survey to help us gauge how we’re doing from a parent perspective. While we’re always talking to parents and we hope that you’ve already addressed any major issues/concerns with your student’s teacher or the administration, this survey provides a more scientific approach to ensuring that BFA is achieving its mission and vision. Along with the student survey data we receive, this is a key indicator of our success as an organization. Therefore, I want to personally invite all K-8 parents to spend 10 minutes taking this new, shortened survey.
We’d like every BFA family to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey and express your thoughts and opinions regarding the current academic year. This is a comprehensive survey for all K-8 grade levels (which differs from past years) and offers the ability to provide specific feedback.
The SAC carefully analyzes the survey data, and presents its findings to the Board and Administration, who then use the data to determine whether BFA meets or exceeds the annual goals set for the school. Oftentimes, we’ll identify opportunities for growth or enrichment through this process. We take your feedback very seriously and we appreciate your willingness to participate.
This year, as a token of appreciation for participating in the survey, SAC is offering any participants who share their family number entry into a drawing for one of ten (10) Amazon or Target $25 gift cards.
Please follow this link to take the survey today. Thank you!

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