Trent Adams

Driven by a passion for science, Trent majored in astronomy at Vassar College in New York, with a related focus in physics and applied computer science.  He was also selected as an URSI Fellow, and published his thesis on the inner arm structure within spiral galaxies.  After graduation, he taught high school science at the Colorado Springs School, a college prep boarding school.  He currently serves on the BFA STEM committee, filling the role of Communications Officer.
Beyond academia, Trent is a technologist focused on online identity, privacy, and security.  As a Director of Information Security at PayPal, he leads the Ecosystem Security team to develop, foster, and advocate for secure technical Internet standards.  Previously, he worked on Online Trust & Identity issues for the global non-profit Internet Society (ISOC) based in Geneva. In general, he builds relationships between technologists, developers, and regulators to help them collaborate on trusted online communications.
Fun Facts: Trent built one of the first 500 websites, produced the first nightly online video show, and earned 3 Super Bowl rings while working as Chief Innovator for the New England Patriots.  He spends his spare time making chainmail armor and playing with his 3D printer.  He was also an extra in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.