The Board wants YOU….to run for a BFA Board of Directors position! Nominations open on Feb 3 and close Feb 21 at midnight. This spring, we will be electing two Board members and the Board will appoint one Board member. The Board is seeking community members with a financial background as well as other skill sets, such as:
  • Organizational and Financial Management
  • Strategic or Long-Range Planning
  • Banking and Trusts
  • Business/Corporate
  • Academic/Education
  • Technology
The ability of any charter school to carry out its mission and vision depends on the strength of its organizational foundation. A critical element of this foundation is the charter school board itself. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, every charter school needs a board composed of individuals who not only support the school’s mission but also sincerely believe in and seek to promote it. Advocating for BFA and its educational philosophy is an important function of the Board and involves promoting the mission, vision and goals of BFA within both the BFA community and the community at large.  
SAVE THE DATE:  Please join us at the BFA Town Hall at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18, to learn more about the current state of BFA and opportunities to be involved in the future.