We’re Proud to Announce…

A message from Principal Simpson…
I am very excited and proud to announce that due to the hard work of your students and our teachers, Ben Franklin Academy has been named a John Irwin School of Excellence! This is an achievement we have been striving for since the school opened.  
This award is given to schools who “Exceed Expectations” in achievement on the state standardized assessments (CMAS). Both our elementary school and middle school earned this “Exceeds Expectations” designation for achievement based on last year’s CMAS results.  
This award proves that our dedication to providing high quality academic instruction is working. It helped that we came very close to meeting the 95 percent testing participation rate that was our goal last year. When our kids are here to take the tests, we get a much more accurate view of how we are doing as a school. In addition, we use the data from these tests to help guide our professional development and focus as a staff.
While we are excited and honored to receive this award, we will not rest on our laurels and are committed to continuous improvement and growth. We’ve identified areas that still can be improved upon, and will actively pursue development in these areas.
We are planning a schoolwide celebration for this award when we get our official banner from the Colorado Department of Education. Hopefully, this will take place in January, but we’ll be sure to let you know well in advance.
I hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday season. Please know that all of us here at BFA hold all of you in our hearts, even when school is not in session. If anyone needs to reach out to me over the break, for any reason, I will be checking my email frequently.  
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