A note from Courtney Jurbala, secretary, BFA board of directors…
I have two children who attend Ben Franklin Academy, Gwendolyn (fifth grade) and Leo (third grade). I was elected to the BFA Board in May 2018. Prior to that, I spent most of my volunteer hours in the classroom as a room parent or volunteering as needed. As my children got older, there were fewer opportunities in the classroom, so I wanted to find another way to be a part of Ben Franklin and support the BFA community. As a working parent, with experience in Finance and Strategic Planning, the fit made sense.
Serving on the BFA Board turned out to be one of the most valuable decisions I have made. I get to see firsthand how passionate the BFA community is. We have the most incredible Administrators (Diana/Aric), teachers, front office staff, and parent volunteers. Seeing how much of themselves and their time they give to ensure our children have the best, and safest, education has solidified my decision to be a part of this school.
Since joining the Board, I have learned that BFA is an extraordinarily run school and I am lucky to have a voice to help ensure it stays that way. I did not have previous experience in academics, so being able to take my experience in the business world and turn it into support for BFA policies, strategic planning, financials, and the governance of the school, has been very rewarding. 
The main reason that I would recommend a parent run for the BFA Board is that you will end up caring more than you ever thought you could. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have an impact on the future of our children.
As announced earlier this month, there will be three (3) open director seats on the BFA Board that will be filled this spring. Filling these positions with qualified leaders who are dedicated to our mission and vision is critical to the future of our school and our students’ education. I hope you’ll consider the broad range of skills needed for the position as outlined in previous emails, and consider nominating yourself or someone else with the requisite  experience.
To nominate someone (including yourself) for the BFA Board, click here to complete the nomination form. Nominations from the BFA Parent Voting Group must be submitted online before Friday, February 21 , at  11:59 p.m. (MST).
If you have questions, please visit the Board webpage, reach out to me, or email any of my fellow Board members. Thank you for your consideration!
Bill Castor , President,    bill@bfacademy.org

Bryan Molen, Vice President,  bryan@bfacademy.org
Courtney Jurbala, Secretary,  courtney@bfacademy.org
Steve Hass , Treasurer, steve@bfacademy.org

Burgandy Hodge , Director,  burgandyh@bfacademy.org
Matt Keillor, Director,  mattk@bfacademy.org
Sarah Nisbet, Director,  sarahn@bfacademy.org