We need the BFA Community’s help this year to find the right candidates for the BFA Governing Board. During the next few weeks, please think about the BFA parents you know who are passionate about BFA, team players, good listeners and problem solvers and anyone who may have expertise in one of the areas mentioned below. And, if this describes you, we hope you’ll consider nominating yourself for a role on the BFA Board.
This spring, the BFA community will elect one (1) director, and the Board of Directors (Board) will appoint one (1) director, in accordance with the Board of Directors Election Policy to serve on the volunteer, seven-director BFA Board, for a term of three-years. We are seeking a record number of nominations. We challenge each and every BFA family to nominate at least one qualified candidate when election nominations open in early February. The ability of our charter school to carry out our mission and vision depends upon the strength of our organizational foundation, beginning with our Board itself. To have a diverse, talented, dedicated, and passionate Board that is also representative of our families means that YOU must speak up!  
The Board is seeking committed and passionate individuals with a broad range of skills and knowledge in topics such as: 
  • Law/Charter School Law
  • Investments/Banking
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising/Capital Campaigns
  • Strategic or Long-Range Planning
  • Business Ownership
Don’t know where to begin? Learn more about the BFA Board by attending our next meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19, via Zoom. 
All Families, Save the Date: Please, join us for the BFA Town Hall prior to the February Board Meeting. The Town Hall will begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16, and will be held via Zoom. The Town Hall will focus on the current state of BFA and ways to become more involved.
As we look toward nominating candidates to serve on the seven-member BFA Board of Directors this spring, we felt it was important for you to hear directly from Board members about their experience serving on the Board. Below is a message from the Board’s President, Bill Castor.
As I near the end of my sixth, and final year on the BFA Governing Board, I often reflect on the meaningful impact it has had on my life. I will always look back fondly on the great people I have been privileged to work with and the amazing team that makes BFA such a great place to educate our children.
As only the third President of the BFA Governing Board, I am humbled and grateful when I think of those who came before me. They, far more than I, can be credited with putting our school in such a strong financial position, and even more noteworthy, in such a respected position within our community.
I will always remember the relative ease BFA had during the renewal of our Charter Agreement in 2019. While other area charter schools faced scrutiny over their finances and various challenges to their operating structure and decisions, we saw virtually no challenges, but rather an outcry of supportive comments and several supportive notes from DCSD. This was not as much of a reflection of a current state of BFA, but more of a recognition of the conservative and consistent leadership that founded and grew BFA during the early years.
That philosophy and commitment continues to guide our decisions to this day. We have always taken pride in following the rules, setting conservative budgets and managing expenses within that budget. This is the legacy of our predecessors and it is the fundamental expectation that ensures our continued success.
First, I would like to thank all of the people that share my commitment to our children. Without exception, Principal Simpson, the Assistant Principals, my fellow Board members and the teachers and staff at BFA, always put our children first when making difficult decisions. This has never been more apparent than this year. Second, I would like to encourage anyone in our BFA community with a similar passion for ensuring that our high standards are maintained, to consider running for one of the open Board positions. BFA was founded and has thrived because of the personal commitment of our parent community. We are financially sound, stable, and respected because of the active participation of our stakeholders, so please consider lending your passion and expertise to ensure that our traditions are continued. I am confident you will realize a great return on your investment.