Douglas County Nutrition Services (DCNS) provides lunch at our school. They strive to provide quality, fresh well-balanced meal choices—see this month’s choices on the Nurtrislice website

New for 2023-24

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) opted into the Healthy School Meals for All program for the school year 2023-24. This means that all students will have access to reimbursable meals at their school at no cost. A la carte purchases and doubles will continue to be offered, but students will need to pay for them. These purchases will be charged to the student’s meal account if they have money in their MySchoolBucks account, or the student may pay for the food items with cash.

According to Nutrition Services, lunch is made up of five components—grains, protein, vegetables, fruit and dairy. Students can choose all five components, but to qualify for a reimbursable lunch, students must take three of the five components with at least one of them being a serving of fruits or vegetables.

If you feel it’s appropriate based on your student’s lunch preferences, you’re welcome to fund his/her MySchoolBucks lunch account. Please note, bottled water will no longer be offered for free, but 20 oz water bottles will be available for purchase. In addition, students will use their student id number to order lunches, so it would be helpful if our older students know their number and can enter it at check out. (New families: please see the instructions on the payments webpage to set up your student’s account in MySchoolBucks.)

DCSD encourages parents to complete a Free and Reduced Application if they normally would do so. The outcome of the applications is directly tied to District funding. The 2023-24 Free and Reduced Meal Benefits information is available on the DCSD Nutrition Services website under the Free and Reduced tab. 

To learn more about the school lunch program, please see the Nutrition Services website or email Holly Long our Kitchen Manager.   

Lunch Accounts – MySchoolBucks

Like most BFA payments, you can fund your lunch account using MySchoolBucks. If you are new to MySchoolBucks, please see our MySchoolBucks payments webpage for more details about how to set up your account. This service offers many benefits including:

  • Mobile options for when you’re on-the-go, including a smartphone app and a tablet-friendly website
  • Ability to schedule automatic payments when your student’s account balance runs low
  • Great customer service, with email, online help, and a dedicated call center to directly contact with your inquiries
  • Enhanced security to provide even greater protection of sensitive data
  • In addition to funding your student’s meal account, you can view student meal balances and purchases on MySchoolBucks – anytime, at no cost. You can also set alerts for when your balance is low.

Please contact MySchoolBucks via email or call 855-832-5226 if you have any questions about lunch accounts.

Nutrition Services will also accept checks or cash at the register. Please be sure your student’s name and ID number is on the check and it is made payable to DCNS. For more information visit their website.

Menu Options

Lunch menu (including ingredients and allergy information) can be found at Nutrislice websitePlease make sure your child knows when they are to get hot lunch and what their choice is for that day (including doubles). Teachers are asked to give a count of how many students will be ordering lunch and what choice they would like each morning.

Nutrition Services has found that some parents do not desire to have their child participate in purchasing extra food (snacks or seconds) or incurring a negative account balance for health or financial reasons. If you DO NOT want your child to have extra food and/or create a negative balance (charging) on their account, for faster results, complete the online form on the’s Parent Welcome page or click here. Please note, you will need your student’s ID number. 


We are asking for six parent volunteers each day to help the process go smoothly. Under your volunteer preferences in Help Counter, be sure to check “lunch” as one of your interests. Log into HelpCounter and sign up TODAY! Thank you!