The Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) Board of Directors (Board) generally holds its regular meetings at 5:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at BFA.  Board meetings are open to the public and are conducted in compliance with Colorado Open Meetings Requirements.  All are welcome to attend.  The time and location of all Board meetings are posted on the school website calendar.  If you would like to be proactively notified about all regular and special board meetings, please email BFA’s Board Secretary to be added to our “sunshine” distribution list.

Agendas are posted below 24 hours prior to a meeting.  The Board Calendar serves as a guideline for Board agenda items.  If you would like to appear before the Board, please email the Board President. We’d love to see you at these meetings.

Because we recognize that many BFA community members may be unable to attend the Board meetings in person, we will be “broadcasting” our Board meetings by listen-only teleconference.  Call-in information will be listed on the top of the agenda for each meeting.

The agenda will be strictly followed and the Board welcomes comments from members of the public during the public comment time set aside on the agenda on any topic. The Board may choose to respond to public comments during this open forum but is not required to do so.  The Board will only take action on items listed on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only, and may, at its discretion, refer the matter or calendar the issue for future discussion.

Open comments can be made in person at a Board meeting or submitted through the form below before noon on the day of the Board meeting.  Open Comment Forms received by the deadline will be read out loud during the open comment period of the Board meeting.  Any Open Comment Forms received after 12:00 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting will be read at the next regular meeting of the Board.

Board of Directors Meeting Open Comments

  • Open comments can be made in person at a Board meeting or by electronically submitting the form below by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting. Open Comment Forms received by the deadline will be read out loud during the open comment period of the Board meeting.

Board Calendar

December 13 Board Meeting Agenda

November 15 Board Meeting Agenda

October 18 Board Meeting Agenda

September 13 Board Meeting Agenda

August 9 Board Meeting Agenda

June 13 Board Retreat/Working Meeting Agenda

May 19 Special Board Meeting Agenda

May 10 Board Meeting Agenda

April Board Meeting Agenda

March Special Board Meeting Agenda

March Board Meeting Agenda

February Board REVISED Meeting Agenda

January Special Board Meeting Agenda

January Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda 12-11-12

Board Meeting Agenda 11-13-12

Board Meeting Agenda 10-9-12

Special Board Meeting Agenda 10-12-12

Board Meeting Agenda 9-11-12

Board Meeting Agenda 8-14-12

Board Retreat Agenda 6-8-12

Board Meeting Agenda & Packet 5-15-12

Board Meeting Agenda 5-2-12

Board Meeting Agenda 4-10-12

Board Meeting Agenda 3-13-12

Board Meeting Agenda 2-28-12

Board Meeting Agenda 2-15-12

Board Meeting Agenda & Packet 1-10-12

Board Meeting & Packet 12-13-11

Special Enrollment Board Meeting 12-8-11

Special Financial Oversight Board Meeting 12-9-11

Board Meeting 11-8-11

Board Meeting 10-25-11

Board Meeting 10-11-11

Special Board Meeting 10-4-11

Board Meeting 9-27-11

Board Meeting 9-13-11.pdf

Board Meeting 8-30-11.pdf

Board Meeting 8-23-11

Consent Agenda Items:

Policies for review:

Move in Schedule:

Handwriting Proposal

Preaschool Policies



Board Meeting 8-16-11

Board Meeting 8-9-11

Board Meeting 8-2-11

Board Meeting 7-26-11

Board Meeting 7-12-11

Board Meeting 7-5-11

Board Meeting 6-28-11

Board Meeting 6-21-11

Board Meeting 6-14-11

Draft Committee Bylaws

Preschool Docs


Other Docs

Parent Meeting Agenda 6-7-11

Board Meeting 6-7-11

Board Meeting 5-31-11


Other Docs:

Board Meeting 5-24-11

Board Meeting 5-17-11

Board Meeting 5-10-11

Board Meeting 5-3-11

Board Meeting 4-26-11

Board Meeting 4-19-11

Board Meeting 4-12-11

Bylaws resolution 3-29-2011.pdf

Board Meeting 4-5-11

Board Meeting 3-29-11

Board Meeting Agenda 3-22-11

Working Session 03-10-11

Board Meeting Agenda 2-8-11

Board Meeting Agenda 1-4-11

  • Click here to review the waivers requested by BFA and approved by the Douglas County School District during our application process.
  • Click here to view the Colorado Department of Education automatic Charter School Waivers.

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