BENefit Bash

The BENefit Bash is the bi-annual auction fundraiser for BFA. On November 14, 2015 the Live and Mobile Event was held at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center. Thanks to our generous sponsors, volunteers, and families, we grossed $86, 939. We were delighted that the Paddle Raise earned $16, 025.00! We had 256 attendees, of which were 31 administrators/staff/teachers. The online auction portion of the BENefit Bash ran from Monday, Dec. 7, through Monday, Dec. 14 and raised $2, 898. The PTO plans on applying the proceeds of the BENefit Bash towards continued upgrades to our technology labs and assist in improvements of the school per our strategic plan.  Specifically, we are hoping to provide our teachers with an equal share of funds collected to purchase items for their classroom.  Each teacher would be able to customize how they would like to expand available resources to directly meet the needs of his/her students.

Ben Franklin Award

Special congratulations to the winners of the Ben Franklin Award at this year’s BENefit Bash! The Ben Franklin Award honors parent volunteers who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to BFA. This year’s award went to ALL current and former Governing Board members who still have students at BFA. Congratulations to Kent Barwind, Paige Brock, Ward Cerny, Bill Castor, Staci Ferguson, Becky Mullen, Roger Nagel, Kimberly Smith, Jason Sunahara and Matt Warder.

PTO Award of Excellence

During the BENefit Bash, the inaugural PTO Award of Excellence was given to Shelly Dana for her commitment to BFA and the PTO for the past five years! Shelly was an integral part of establishing the PTO and served as PTO president for three years. Thank you, Shelly!

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