Enrollment for New K-8 Students

Open Enrollment at Ben Franklin Academy

Thank you for considering Open Enrollment at Ben Franklin Academy (BFA), a John Irwin School of Excellence and The STEAM School of Choice in Douglas County. Click here to read our mission and vision as well as how our proven curriculum fosters the success of individual students. Want to learn more about BFA? Click here to watch a video about our amazing school!

BFA participates in the annual Douglas County School District (DCSD) online Open Enrollment process to fill K-8 openings. Parents interested in K-8 enrollment at BFA need to complete DCSD Open Enrollment for their child to be eligible for openings. (Previous year’s Open Enrollment lists do not “roll forward.”) Click here for preschool enrollment information.

If you have questions about enrollment for this school year, contact our registrar.

How Open Enrollment Works

Open Enrollment can only be completed online through DCSD’s Open Enrollment tool. To do so, parents will need a DCSD EngagED Parent Portal account.

Parents who have had a student enrolled in a DCSD school should have a DCSD EnagED Parent Portal account already. Parents who have forgotten their account credentials or are having trouble logging in to their Parent Portal, SHOULD NOT create a new account. This may VOID the Open Enrollment application. Parents either should contact their child’s current DCSD school for assistance or the DCSD Choice Programming office.

Parents who have never had a student enrolled at a DCSD school will need to create a DCSD EnagED Parent Portal account. (Please note: Account creation cannot be done before Open Enrollment begins.) Once created, parents will use their credentials (username and password) to access and complete Open Enrollment for their child. Parents should retain these credentials for future use.

Click here to be directed to DCSD’s Open Enrollment webpage.

Open Enrollment Dates for 2023-24 School Year 

DCSD has announced that the first round of Open Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year will begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and go through 4 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022. Parents will be able to see their offers in the Parent Portal at 8 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 12, and have until 4 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 19, to accept their offer. (We encourage you not to wait until the final day to accept your offer!) The second round of Open Enrollment begins at 8 a.m. on Jan. 23, 2023.

Open Enrollment: First Round  

Open Enrollment should be completed through the DCSD Open Enrollment tool within the first round enrollment window. Whether a parent completes Open Enrollment the first or the last day of this round has no bearing on where a student will be on the Open Enrollment list. It is not first come, first served. However, students with a priority status earn priority placement.

Note: Parents can elect to receive an email with their school selections while they are in the Open Enrollment tool. During First Round, district Registrars do not have access to the Open Enrollment system to verify enrollment submissions.

During the specified time frame, enrollment offers will be visible from the Open Enrollment system. Parents will use their EngagED Parent Portal account credentials to login to the system to check for offers. Parents who would like to accept an offer MUST do so via the Open Enrollment system.

If a parent logs in to the Open Enrollment system and does not see an offer for their child, it means an opening was not available at that time. The child will remain on the Open Enrollment list for future openings.

Open Enrollment: Second Round 

Parents who were unable to Open Enroll their child during First Round can do so during Second Round via the DCSD Open Enrollment tool. Submissions during Second Round are added to the bottom of any existing lists from First Round in the order of submission. (If you were not offered a spot in the first round, you do not need to complete another submission for the same school(s) during the second round.)

As space becomes available, offers during Second Round will be made via the email address parents submitted during Open Enrollment. (Offers during this round will not be visible from the Open Enrollment tool, rather parents should look for an email from the school’s registrar.) Email offers will include specific deadlines that must be met to move to the next step in the enrollment process. Unfortunately, if parents miss the deadlines outlined in the registrar’s email, the enrollment offer will be withdrawn and another student on the list will be given an opportunity to enroll.

Enrollment Paperwork – Collect Important Documents!

If a parent accepts an enrollment offer for a child, and that child is not a current DCSD student, enrollment paperwork will be required. In addition to DCSD forms that the registrar will provide to the parent to complete, the parent should be prepared to submit copies of the following:
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s immunization record
  • Proof of Residence (POR), Copy of ONE of the following:
    • Property Tax Notice
    • Current Lease Agreement
    • Warranty Deed
    • Deed of Trust
    • County Assessor Property Printout
    • Notarized Proof of Residency letter from the person you are living with (if your name doesn’t appear on the proof of residency) along with a copy of their proof of residency.*Unfortunately copies of mortgage statements, utility bills, credit card statements are NOT accepted as POR.

Enrollment for Current BFA Students

Current K-7 students intending to return to BFA next school year DO NOT need to take any action. If your student will not return to BFA next year, please let the registrar know via email.

Enrollment for Preschool Students

Enrollment for BFA preschool students will take place via the preschool webpage on the BFA website.

If you are interested in the Ben Franklin Academy Preschool program, please click here for more information.


Thank you for your interest in attending BFA. If you have any questions please email our registrar or call 720-383-4519 x3104 to reach the registrar.


Douglas County School District Nondiscrimination Notice: The Douglas County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, marital status, genetic information, or physical characteristics, disability or need for special education services in admissions, access to, treatment of, or employment in educational programs or activities. Ben Franklin Academy's Compliance Officer is Diana Simpson, Principal, 2270 Plaza Dr., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129,  dsimpson@bfacademy.org, 720.383.4519. Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees and members of the public.