In middle school, each science teacher has their own classroom science lab where they routinely perform experiments that align with the curriculum. This is an essential part of fulfilling BFA’s mission to develop scientifically curious students, and is one of the reasons we are The STEAM School of Choice in Douglas County.

The Science Lab incorporates all aspects of STEAM through:

  • Engagement in the scientific process and completion of hands-on experiments
  • Use of computers, iPads and microscopes
  • Employment of drafting techniques and construction of various projects
  • Drawing pictures of results and looking for patterns
  • Calculating and analyzing results, as well as performing various measurements

During their weekly science lab, students conduct a variety of experiments designed to incorporate kinesthetic and experiential learning of subjects covered in class. Science Lab helps bring the curriculum to life! For example, second grade learns about the life cycle of a butterfly, then sees it in action; fourth graders learn about the heart, then have the opportunity to dissect a pig’s heart; and fifth graders read about cells, then swab their cheek and look at their own through a microscope!

Participation in the science lab teaches problem solving skills and collaboration, as students work together to complete an experiment and draw conclusions. It also encourages students to follow directions, while allowing for creativity and experimentation. Students are given specific instructions, but are encouraged to think through the impact of different variables and study the effect of small modifications. Science Lab is an essential part of accomplishing Ben Franklin Academy’s vision, as it gives students the tools they need to excel academically in science.