Q: Is there a waitlist for each grade?
A: The number of students on the waitlist varies by grade, but usually every grade has a waitlist. Students who were open enrolled during the first round and did not receive an enrollment offer are on the waitlist. As students are open enrolled during the second round, they are added to the existing waitlist from the first round.
Q: When can I expect an Open Enrollment (OE) offer?
A: Open Enrollment usually begins November 1 and ends at the beginning of August. Visit BFA’s New K-8 Enrollment page for an overview of how OE works.
Q: Do parents have to complete OE for each school year? Or do waitlists “carry forward” from year to year?
A: Waitlists do not “carry forward.” If your child does not receive an offer, you will need to complete OE again for the next school year when OE begins (usually Nov. 1).
Q: I completed OE for my children. Can I expect to receive offers at the same time?
A: Generally, siblings will not receive offers at the same time. For this to happen, there must be an opening in each grade and they must be at the top of their respective waitlist. If one child receives an offer, any open enrolled siblings will have priority status. Priority students move ahead of all non-priority students. In other words, priority students receive offers before non-priority students.

The priority list is fluid and will change as we enroll new students who have open enrolled siblings. Waitlist information is not available for priority students.

Q: I open enrolled my child in multiple schools. If I accept an offer at one of those schools, will s/he no longer be on the BFA‘s waitlist?
A: Your child/ren will remain on BFA’s waitlist until Open Enrollment closes for the specified school year,  even if you accept enrollment at another school.

If you accept enrollment at another school and/or no longer want your child /ren on the BFA waitlist, please email BFA’s director of admissions and records/registrar. The more accurate the waitlist, the more efficient the process will be for parents who are waiting for an enrollment offer.
Q: How can I find out where my child/ren is/are on the BFA general, non-priority waitlist?
A: First, visit BFA’s New K-8 Enrollment page for an overview of how OE works. As of the third week of January, parents can email waitlist inquiries for a student’s general, non-priority waitlist status to BFA’s director of admissions and records/registrar. The subject line should include the child(ren)’s name(s) and grade level(s) for which you applied. 

The number of students on the waitlist, as well as the number of openings BFA has each school year varies. The odds of an offer are not something that can be determined.

Q: My family does not live in Douglas County. Can my child attend BFA?
A: BFA does not enroll or give priority based on district boundaries. Whether your family lives in Douglas, Arapahoe, or any other Colorado county, your child can attend BFA.
Q: Does BFA have buses for students?
A: BFA does not provide buses. By accepting enrollment at BFA, parents/guardians agree to provide transportation for their child/ren each school day, using BFA’s car line process (referred to as “carpool”) for daily drop off and pick up.
Q: If I accept an offer for my child, what will I need to enroll him/her?
A: If your child is a current DCSD student and you accept an offer, you are accepting enrollment at BFA. Your child’s enrollment at his/her current DCSD school will end and BFA’s director of admission and records/registrar will enroll him/her. Be prepared! If your child is not a current DCSD student, you will need to provide an enrollment packet within a week of accepting the enrollment offer. The packet is a combination of DCSD forms that each parent will receive via email, as well as documents that the parent needs to provide. Some of the required documents might not be right at-hand. Locate them in advance. If you are missing one of these documents (where did you put your child’s birth certificate??), order it so that you have it on-hand in case your child receives an offer. The packet deadline will not be extended, and the offer will be withdrawn and extended to the next student on the waitlist, if a packet is incomplete. 
Please be prepared to provide the following documents, should your child receive an offer:
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Proof of Residence (POR) – Copy of ONE of the following:
    • Deed of Trust
    • Warranty Deed
    • Property Tax Notice
    • Current Lease Agreement
    • County Assessor Property Printout**Not accepted: mortgage statements, utility bills, credit card statements as proof of residence.***