Ben Franklin Academy strongly encourages all families to perform 30 approved hours (15 hours for single parents) of volunteer service. More information can be found in the Volunteer and Visitor Policy. Volunteer hours are approved by the principal and tracked by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) using HelpCounter, a software system that allows you to register for volunteer opportunities and track your volunteer service. All volunteer service should be logged into HelpCounter within 48 hours. There will be a computer in the office so you can log hours completed onsite; you may log hours at home for committee work, home projects and carpool. If you are having trouble accessing HelpCounter from home, you also may come into the building and log your hours, or you can send an email to our volunteer coordinator who will log your hours. If you choose to email the volunteer coordinator, please include your name, hours/minutes to log, and a detailed description of your work. It is recommended that each parent/guardian make a separate account to track their volunteer hours. Your hours will be linked to your Family Number (the number on your carpool tag) so we can tally volunteer hours per family.

Volunteer Instructions

Please log into HelpCounter each school year and do the following:

  • Click on ‘Update Profile Information’ to make changes to your profile and record your student’s grade/classroom.
  • Click on ‘Check for Upcoming Opportunities’ to sign up for lunch or carpool.
  • Click on ‘Update your Volunteer Interest Form’ to indicate what types of volunteer opportunities interest you.
  • Bookmark it! Be sure to bookmark the HelpCounter link.


Please do the following:

  • If you are new to BFA, you can go to http://Helpcounter.net/volunteer to request access to the system. The system will help you find BFA and ask for your email address. Next, add your personal information and submit. Once you are an approved volunteer, you can start adding hours.
  • Once you are in the system, please specify the areas you are interested in volunteering for–this does not commit you, rather it allows the coordinator see who is interested in specific opportunities.
  • Click on ‘Check for Upcoming Opportunities’ to sign up for lunch or carpool.
  • If you have questions about HelpCounter or logging hours, email our volunteer coordinator.

Volunteering Ideas at BFA

  • Interested in volunteering for the Used Uniform Sale? To help, sign up HERE or contact Jessica Kostelecky,  PTO uniform buy back committee chair. Clothes will need to be sorted and organized prior to the sale, which can be done at home.
  • We would appreciate six volunteers to help with hearing re-screenings and hearing/vision make-up screenings. To sign up to help, click HERE.
  • Click here to help with Kindie Science Lab.
  • Click here to help with 1st Grade Science Lab.
  • Click here to help with 2nd Grade Science Lab.
  • Click here to help decorate the Science Lab Bulletin Board.
  • Help with lunch – It’s fun to see your student(s) during the day, so help with lunch this school year! Show up around 10:15 or sign up here
  • Volunteer for carpool – Parent participation in carpool is essential as it helps ensure the safety of our kids, other volunteers and BFA staff. You may show up and ask the front office if you can assist for a shift, or sign up. Please arrive by 7:30 a.m. for the morning shift, or 3:15 p.m. for afternoon carpool. 
  • Help with recess – Spend time outside helping monitor students during recess. You can just show up or sign up here. Be sure to bring a Driver’s License and check in at the front office for your badge.
  • Help in the Art RoomEmail Mrs. Hinkle or watch for a sign up to volunteer for your student’s first through fifth grade class. Parents and Grandparents feel free to come in and help at any time!
  • Sign up to Volunteer in the Library – This is a popular volunteer opportunity, so we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines which are outlined in detail on the sign up.
  • Look for Teacher Sign-ups – Many of our teachers send out sign-ups to help with various projects. Please watch for these and sign up to help your student’s class.
  • Committees – BFA has many committees that work to support the mission and vision of the school. Many of these committees have opportunities to volunteer that fall outside of traditional school hours. To learn more about the committees and how to contact them, check out each committee’s web page.