Frequently Asked Questions

  • School hours: 8:15 - 3:30 
  • AM kindie hours: 8:15 - 11:15 
  • PM kindie hours: 12:30 - 3:30

No. Charter schools are public schools. They are funded by the state with your tax dollars and cannot charge tuition. Like neighborhood schools we will charge for supplies and other appropriate fees.

No. Ben Franklin Academy is a public school and cannot turn away children based on academic performance or any other factor.

No. Ben Franklin Academy is a unique and independent school.

Charter schools are funded by your tax dollars. Every student is allocated a dollar amount for his/her education. This money follows the student to his/her school, whether a charter or traditional public school.

Yes. Students will wear uniforms at the Academy. Uniforms reduce distractions related to clothing. The focus will be on education, not fashion. Uniforms bridge the gap between economic classes.

The learning environment is significantly influenced by student's attire.  The purpose of the uniform is to promote learning, reduce the distraction and cost of fashion, reduce disruptions and disciplinary problems, and to promote student pride in themselves and their school. Final details are being made to our uniform policy and our accepted uniform.  We will post this information soon.

Yes! We are modeling the Academy after existing successful charter schools, such as American Academy, SkyView Academy, and NorthStar Academy. We are standing on the shoulders of giants! We’ve talked to the leaders of these schools, studied how they have implemented their curriculum, and examined what they have done to succeed. We also are working with the Colorado League of Charter Schools, Douglas County School District, Colorado Department of Education, and a number of educators.

We will use the Core Knowledge curriculum like most charter schools, but what makes the Academy unique is our science curriculum, balance, and focus on Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. Specifically, we will consistently assess homework levels in each grade to ensure we are not overworking our children; provide active learning opportunities, such as field trips and hands-on science lessons; and encourage good values with character education focusing on Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues.

A high tide raises all boats. Charter schools provide much needed competition in education. We live in a free market society that drives improvement through market competition. Education should be no different. Charter schools provide a choice in how your child is educated.

At the Colorado Department of Education web site you can produce charts that compare schools side by side. The two best community schools in the state are neighborhood charter schools. Indeed, the competition has raised the level of education in the neighborhood.

Open enrollment and our lottery will occur early December. If your number was drawn, we will contact you via the information provided by you on your application. 

Kindergarten classes will have 16 students. We are making every effort to ensure that first through sixth grade class sizes are kept around 25 students. But we may have to increase or decrease this by one or two depending on enrollment and financial reforms coming from the state.

A lottery is required when we accept federal grant money to help start the school. First, we will fill all grades with students of founding families and teacher’s families. Next, we will fill the highest open class. If there are more potential students than openings, we conduct a lottery. The lower grades then will be filled with the siblings of the students added in the preceding higher grade if there are slots available. We then proceed to the next grade that follows, conduct a lottery if necessary, fill the lower grades with siblings, and repeat the procedure until all grades are filled.

This is quite simple: there’s not enough time. To maintain our competing principles of academic excellence and balance, something had to give. Parents are overwhelmingly supporting a school with an emphasis in science, so we are building such a school; however, opportunities for after school language programs will be available.