Music Programs

The BFA music program offers a variety of programs to showcase each student’s creativity and talent.  As part of BFA’s focus on the arts, each year every grade will participate in a musical performance in front of a live audience. 

K-5 Music

Full day kindergarten to 5th grade has music five times a month. Students explore music through singing, dancing and playing. Sometime during the year, each grade will perform in a musical. Students can find more information on their grade level performances and practice their music on the BFA music site. 


Middle School Music/Theatre

Middle School Students have the opportunity to select from a number of different electives including:

  • Guitar
  • Choir (goes to Disneyland every three years)
  • Musical Theatre
  • Technical Theatre
  • Drama
  • Digital Music
  • Song Writing
  • Junkyard Drumming

After School Music

After school music classes meet during carpool. The classes we offer include:

  • Private Lessons (voice, acting and piano)
  • 3-8 Choir
  • 1-2 Choir
  • 3-8 Musical Theatre
  • 1-2 Musical Theatre
  • 3+ Recorder and Percussion (Spring)
  • 3+ Ukulele
For more information, click here:  Music Website