Community Events Committee

The mission of the Community Events Committee (CEC) is to promote interaction between students, staff, administration, parents and the surrounding community with emphasis on community service and outreach. The Committee also connects parents and students with the BFA internal and external community through annual service projects.

The CEC organizes the following events:

  • Back School Picnic
  • Boohoo/Yahoo
  • Veterans Day celebration
  • Mornings with Mom
  • Donuts with Dad
  • Goodies with Grandparents
  • One Act of Kindness (OAK) Outreach service projects

The CEC is a small committee of officers who have a lot of fun strengthening the BFA community, building relationships, and bringing the 13 Virtues into action. The CEC welcomes ad-hoc help with events throughout the year. Please consider volunteering to fill these needs as they arise. This is a great way to get to know BFA families and fulfill your volunteer commitment without having to sit on a long-term committee.

CEC is always looking for good people to step into officer positions when they become available; the term for serving as an officer is 2 years. Look for more information about open positions in the newsletter or contact us to learn more.

The CEC programs truly demonstrate BFA’s 13 virtues in a tangible way. If you are interested in contributing to the CEC and its projects, email us here.

Accordion title

For a copy of the CEC Bylaws, click here.
Committee Members

    Becky Mayka



        Amy Marks

        Vice Chair

            Anneke Delpiccolo


                Marissa Patterson


                    Devon Preeo

                    Communications Officer

                        Mindy Pooler


                            Nikki Busto