Birthday: October 13th

Favorite Restaurant: anything Mexican!

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-A

If I had an unexpected day off, I would spend it…: reading outside on our back deck with a drink and charcuterie board!

On a bad day, these would cheer me up…: a hug, a smile, a kind word, and chocolate chip cookies!

Favorite Starbucks drink: No SB! CFA Lemonade or Sweet Tea for me!

Chocolate or Fruit?: Chocolate with almonds/toffee/caramel

Favorite place to shop:Container Store, Eddie Bauer, Loft

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite sports team: Any team my kiddos play on!

Hobbies: reading, taking walks & hikes, traveling, baking, paper crafting, volunteering, playing board games & card games with my family

Favorite Ben Franklin Virtue: Top 3: Sincerity, Humility, and Order

My family includes…: My husband of 20 years, Heath, and our four kiddos, Sawyer, Laurel, Tanner, and Wyatt