Faculty Favorites – Aric Gomez

Birthday (month/day): August 5th

Favorite Restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Tamale Kitchen

If I had an unexpected day off, I would spend it…:  Go on a long run, go to church and then and go out to dinner with my family

On a bad day, these would cheer me up…:  Going to church

Favorite Starbucks drink: I have never had a Starbucks drink 🙂 and not a coffee drinker.  I prefer hot cocoa or lemonade.

Chocolate or Fruit?: Love them both (Chocolate covered fruit)

Favorite place to shop: Kohl’s

Favorite color: Black

Favorite sports team: AS Roma (professional soccer team from Rome)

Hobbies: (bowling, golf, etc…): Running, Coaching, Reading, Doing Crosswords & Sudoku, Watching soccer live or on TV

Favorite Ben Franklin Virtue: Tranquility

My family includes…: My wife Teresa (married 15 years); Daughter, Octavia (12); Sons Peyton (10) & Noah (4); 2 cats (Lucky & Patches); Guinea Pig (Max); Frog and 2 fish